The truth - solar panel price is still soaring

Column:Industry News Time:2021-09-16
The wholesale price of solar panels is still in soaring from the fall of 2020, and it will not return to normal. What is happening?

The wholesale price of solar panels will soar from the fall of 2020, and it will not return to normal. What is happening?


"Compared to the summer of 2020, W5 yen has risen."

A sales representative of a Chinese solar panel manufacturer confesses so. Until now, the wholesale price of solar panels has continued to decline, and at one point the W unit price fell to the low 20 yen range, but it began to rise in the fall of 2008. Currently, although it depends on the transaction volume, the price has risen to the upper 20 yen level and 30 yen before the same period.

One of the reasons is the soaring material costs. In particular, the price increase of glass seems to be serious, and in November 2008, China JinkoSolar, Trina Solar and others appealed to the Chinese government that "the glass market has doubled since July 2008" and demanded countermeasures. rice field. The reason for the soaring glass market is mainly due to the Chinese government's regulation of new factories from 2018 for the purpose of adjusting production and reducing environmental burden. Due to the increasing size of solar panels and the popularity of double-sided light-receiving panels, the impact of soaring glass prices will be significant for panel makers.

Furthermore, the price of polysilicon is rising. In the summer of 2008, fire accidents occurred at the factories of two polysilicon manufacturers in China, and some manufacturers were forced to shut down their factories due to the heavy rain disaster. As a result, the average price of polysilicon, which used to be around US $ 6.5 (about 700 yen) per kg, is now over US $ 10 (about 1080 yen).

The prices of these two materials have risen prominently, but according to the president of a Japanese subsidiary of a panel maker, "all material costs are rising", and a person in charge of one material maker said, "Prices for glass and polysilicon. Taking advantage of the rise, other component manufacturers are also negotiating price increases. "

On the other hand, some have pointed out an increase in logistics costs. Michio Shibata, director of PV solutions at DuPont Specialty Products, said, "The ratio of material costs to the manufacturing cost of crystalline solar cells is not large," and emphasizes that "the soaring transportation costs are the most serious."

The number of shipping services decreased due to the corona disaster, and the export volume of each country to China decreased. It is said that the number of containers is insufficient, panel makers have difficulty in securing containers, and transportation costs are rising. "It depends on the route, but the transportation cost has jumped two to five times compared to before the Corona disaster," he said.

Hirokichi Dohi, president of Europe Solar Innovation, said, "If it is difficult to secure a container, it may lead to a delay in delivery. Buyers who have to secure a panel early due to the approaching deadline will purchase even if it is a little expensive. So manufacturers may prioritize those customers. "

How long will the soaring price of solar panels continue? There is also information that the government has approved the expansion of panel glass equipment. It is expected that it will gradually normalize, but if it takes time for the corona wreck to settle, soaring transportation costs may continue for some time.